Sport & Commercial
Flooring Experts

Sport & Commercial
Flooring Experts

Athletic, Gym, Court, Dance & Stage Flooring

With more than 20 years experience, and over 2 million square feet installed throughout the country, Champion Hardwood can provide confident, experienced crews and a wide array of products for most any project. Although we specialize in sports related projects in California, we have serviced all types of commercial facilities throughout the nation including schools, YMCA’s, Community Centers, National Retail Accounts, and private athletic clubs.

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Owner operated since 1992.

New Floor Sales & Installation

Champion Hardwood Floors sells and installs various types of sport/athletic and commercial floors.  For athletic sport floors, we provide high quality dance floors, gym floors, performing arts stages, indoor running tracks and more.  We have also provided commercial flooring for Retail Store, restaurants, amusement parks, and more.

Floor Repair & Service

Champion Hardwood Floors can help maintain and repair your floor.  We offer annual and semi-annual flooring maintenance programs.  We can also repair moisture damage, scrub and re-coat, along with complete sanding and refinishing of your hardwood floors.

Flooded Floors

Call us first! We work with insurance companies and offer full flood restoration service.


What floor system do you recommend?

We partner direct with several mills which allows us to select and recommend the ideal system for the facilities use and budget. Action Thrust 1 and Junckers Clip System are two of our “go-to” systems.

How often should you sand a floor to bare wood?

On average, hardwood sports flooring can go 10 -12 years between complete sandings. The need for sanding will depend on use, maintenance, and desired look of the floor. Our floors can be sanded at least 6 times, which provides a life cycle of 60 to 90 years! No other athletic floor can last that long.

What do you recommend keeping up my floor’s appearance?

See my Maintenance page for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance procedures.

What’s the worst thing for my floor?

WATER!! It is the floor’s worst enemy. Keep it clean and dry, it’s that simple.

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